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November, 2020 - There’s no clean energy without mining

How the green challenge is driving innovation in one of society’s oldest industries Blog by Gary Agnew, CEO and Co-founder, Ideon Technologies For thousands of years, people have explored the Earth seeking minerals and metals for use in everyday life, cultural expression, and special ceremonies. As one of the earliest industries to emerge in human…

November, 2020 - Ideon Technologies leads international collaboration for borehole muon detector trials

Leading uranium producer Orano will be world’s first to deploy as part of Eureka-approved project Vancouver, BC, CANADA (November 16, 2020) – Canadian Earth ‘x-ray’ start-up Ideon Technologies is initiating the world’s first field trials of a muon detector that fits down industry-standard boreholes – together with French multi-national Orano Group, in a cooperative EUREKA-approved…