Digital Technology Supercluster Launches World’s First Earth X-Ray Discovery Platform (Techcouver)

Like X-rays and MRIs give us visibility inside the human body, the project will enable mining exploration companies to identify density and magnetic anomalies with greater resolution and certainty up to 1 kilometre beneath the Earth’s surface

Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster invests in new Earth X-ray for Low-Impact Mining project (International Mining)

The Discovery Platform will feature state-of-the-art hardware and software, novel data inversion and integration techniques, advanced AI algorithms, and geostatistical methods to construct detailed 3D profiles of subsurface anomalies — such as mineral and metal deposits, air voids, caves, and other structures. 

Digital Technology Supercluster launches Earth X-ray for low-impact mining project (

The project aims to deliver a new discovery platform that will help mining exploration companies to precision-target deposits beneath the Earth’s surface in a way that changes the economics of discovery and increases the sustainable production of critical mineral resources needed to fuel the clean energy transition.