Ideon Technologies utilizes a new subsurface imaging technique called muon tomography to help mining companies precisely locate ore deposits and optimize extraction. As explained by CEO and Co-Founder Gary Agnew, muon tomography functions analogously to medical imaging like X-rays or CT scans. It provides a high-resolution 3D model of density variations underground by detecting muons, subatomic particles that constantly bombard Earth.

This technology enables accurate identification and pinpoint localization of mineral deposits and anomalies. In an initial blind trial validation process, Ideon delivers density models for a test area based solely on its muon scanning, while the client provides drill hole data. Matching Ideon’s imaging against hundreds of historical drill results establishes accuracy and builds confidence.

After successful blind trials, Ideon transitions clients like BHP and Glencore to multi-year subscription contracts. The company handles all hardware, software, communications, analysis, and data delivery, providing a streamlined “full stack solution.” This simplifies adoption for the mining company and reduces contractual risks. The company focuses entirely on providing premium subsurface imaging capabilities as an excellent technology partner. Its goal is recurring revenue growth through long-term subscription clients, not competing with or threatening the core business of miners.