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No Small Plans: Ideon Technologies Delivers High-Resolution 3D Imaging to the Mining Industry

Playground Global, lead investor in Ideon’s Series A raise, introduces the newest company in their deep-tech portfolio.

How Cosmic-Ray Muon Tomography is Transforming Subsurface Potential

Take a deep dive with Ideon’s CEO Gary Agnew as he explains how muon tomography works and the benefits it can bring across the mining value chain. (Crownsmen Partners)

Ideon Technologies looking to change industry with cosmic-ray muon tomography

Ideon’s CEO Gary Agnew shares details about news technology that was born out of the TRIUMF, Canada’s national particle accelerator laboratory. (Proactive Investors)

Presentation at Global Forum 2022

Ideon’s CEO Gary Agnew presents on accelerating the global transition to low-impact mining with the world’s first Earth ‘x-ray’ imaging platform.

Ideon Technologies & How Tesla and BHP will Change Mining Supply Chains

CEO Gary Agnew discusses Ideon’s ongoing relationship with BHP, and how their relationship with Tesla will impact supply chains down to the mine. (Crownsmen Partners)