Ideon Uses Muon Tomography for Matagami Mining Exploration

Ideon to Deploy Muon Tomography for Mineral Exploration in Matagami Mining Camp

Vancouver, CANADA (April 5, 2022) – Vancouver-based Earth ‘x-ray’ company Ideon Technologies and Glencore Canada Corp. will implement the use of cosmic-ray muon tomography for mineral exploration in the Matagami mining camp in the province of Québec.

This will be one of the first deployments in the world of Ideon’s newly miniaturized borehole muon detectors. These HQ-gauge, low-power, low-maintenance muon detectors are suitable for operation in extreme environmental conditions, such as those experienced in the Nord-du-Québec region.  

Matagami mining camp, Québec. Photo: Daniel Cliche

Ideon is a world pioneer in cosmic-ray muon tomography, using energy from supernova explosions in space to provide x-ray-like imaging beneath the Earth’s surface. The Ideon Discovery Platform™ integrates proprietary detectors, inversion technologies, and software algorithms to produce 3D density maps of features up to 1 km underground. It provides the ability to accurately locate subsurface anomalies and reduces the need for expensive drilling activity while lowering environmental impact and increasing exploration certainty in the subsurface. Importantly, it can do so without interference from conductive overburden, which is common in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt.

“We are eager to see the results of this new technology and evaluate how it can improve our performance in defining new base metals mineralization and how it can support our efforts toward our zero-carbon emission in our exploration activities,” said Normand Dupras, Head of Global Zinc Exploration at Glencore.

In addition to gathering new subsurface intelligence using muon tomography, Ideon will provide joint inversions with other existing data sets to validate survey results and understand how these capabilities can enable more effective exploration strategies.  

“The market is demanding more sustainable, cost-effective ways to access these critical resources – and industry leaders are responding,” said Gary Agnew, CEO at Ideon Technologies. “We realize that cosmic-ray muon tomography can sound far-fetched to seasoned geologists and geophysicists accustomed to other exploration techniques. For another major mining company to be amongst the first on board with us speaks volumes about the attractiveness of such breakthrough technology to unlock value. We’re excited to demonstrate what we can do together.”

Ideon is currently implementing an early access program for borehole muon tomography.

About Ideon Technologies (www.ideon.ai)
Ideon Technologies is a spin-off from TRIUMF (Canada’s national particle accelerator laboratory) and a world pioneer in the application of cosmic-ray muon tomography. Ideon has developed a discovery platform that integrates proprietary detectors, imaging systems, inversion technologies, and artificial intelligence to provide x-ray-like visibility up to 1 km beneath the Earth’s surface. By detecting subsurface muons and transforming the data into reliable geophysical surveys and 3D density maps, Ideon helps geologists identify new mineral and metal deposits with precision and confidence. They drill less and recover more with Ideon – reducing cost and risk, saving time, and minimizing environmental impact. Muon tomography also has applications across other industry sectors, including critical infrastructure, oil and gas, and national security.