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Orano Mining Case Study: Borehole Muon Tomography for Uranium Exploration

Ideon CTO Doug Schouten reviews the world’s first borehole muon tomography field trial, which successfully imaged alteration surrounding compact uranium ore pods. (2023)

Geohug: Muon Tomography and Using Universal Forces to Unlock Subsurface Potential

Ideon CTO Doug Schouten joins Geohug and dives into applying muon tomography to image underground resources. (2023)

Presentation at Globe Forum 2022

Ideon CEO Gary Agnew discusses the Earth X-Ray for Low Impact Mining project. (2022)

BC Geophysical Society Technical Talk

Ideon CTO Doug Schouten delivers a thorough webinar for the BCGS group, explaining the physics of muon tomography and reviewing case studies completed to date. (2021)