Ideon Technologies digs up $16M Series A to use particle physics to find critical minerals (TechCrunch)

Startup Ideon Technologies, fresh off a $16 million Series A round led by Playground Global that closed last week, has a pretty far-out way to simplify the search for critical minerals. You could say it’s way out there. Like outer space out there.

Ideon Technologies uses energy from supernova explosions to probe mining deposits on Earth (Vancouver Tech Journal)

Ideon Technologies, a Richmond-based company that specializes in high-resolution underground imaging for the mining industry, has closed a USD $16 million Series A funding round, led by Playground Global.

Tech update (Toronto Star)

The federal government recently signed new memoranda of understanding with Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz that will see the German auto manufacturers secure access to Canadian raw materials for electric vehicle batteries. Ideon CEO Gary Agnew commented on the implications for the mining industry.

BC company works to uncover treasure on world-famous Oak Island (Global BC)

The secrets of an island in Nova Scotia may be uncovered with the help of a B.C. company. For more than 200 years, Oak Island has attracted treasure hunters due to rumours of artifacts and gold buried on the island. Ideon Technologies uses the energy from supernova explosions in space to help provide x-ray imaging beneath the surface of the Earth.